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Umbraco – Very Nice CMS Tool

Hi All,

These days I am learning to use a very nice CMS system based on Asp.Net, and no no it is not complex or rigid, rather its easy to use and flexible/customizable to meet our requirements.

The name of this tool is Umbraco , don’t be amazed if you have not heard of it before as its not very old and developers in countries like Australia & UK are widely using this tool to quickly create CMS websites.

The best thing about Umbraco is that you can create a website using any browser and it does not needs to have an IDE for development. So you can create and manage your website easily from anywhere.

Umbraco is fast, light & customizable  to meet up today’s various requirement and hence will give tough competition to similar tools like WordPress There are many ready to use packages are available and can be used to extend the it usability. Umbraco library has many built is features and improves and increases the speed of development.

I will keep sharing my knowledge about Umbraco as I learn further.



Post Data using ASP.NET Web Browser Control

Hello People,

Its almost 2 AM here at my place, need a sound sleep from so many days but before that let me share this trick with you all.

Have you ever used ASP.NET Web Browser for your application, give it a try! its very useful. It really helped me sort out a big problem in one of my application where I previously was using HttpWebRequest but I got stuck when the page I was posting data to used a cookie checking before processing any request and the cookie was created using javascript.

As far as from my research I have found you cannot fire a javascript code on a page using HttpWebRequest, please correct me if I am wrong anywhere, anyways so this was my problem. Finally i came through Web Browser control and gave it a try. Because it works similar to any browser, client side script (javascript) aslo worked fine in it 🙂

Here is a small excerpt from my code

AxWebBrowser wb = new AxWebBrowser ();
object vPost = null;
object vHeaders = null;
object obj = null;
object url = “http://www.yoururl.com/yourpage”;
object cPostData = null;

cPostData = “var1=data1&var2=datra2&var3=data3&var4=data4”;

vHeaders = “Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded” + Convert.ToChar(10) + Convert.ToChar(13);
(You can add other headers as required)

vPost = ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes((string)cPostData);
wb.Navigate2(ref url, ref obj, ref obj, ref vPost, ref vHeaders);

This is all it takes to post data programmatically to a page using Web Browser control in you desktop application.

Hope this helps you, if you have any queries please feel free to ask.

Post Data from SWF to ASPX file

Hi all,

Few days back I was working on an application where i needed to post shopping cart data from swf to aspx page.

Sample codes are available over the internet to post data from swf but you never get “ready to use code”  all the time.

I was trying to post data in XML format and there was a catch in case of aspx files that i did not notice.

I was getting “HTTP Error 500 Internal server error” every time my swf posted data to aspx file. After some research I got the reason.

I missed ValidateRequest=”false” on the Page directive of the aspx page i was trying to POST data to, finally i succeeded 🙂

Here is an excerpt from my code

public function sendOrder(items:String):Void


var reply_lv = new LoadVars();

reply_lv.replyTo =””;

var send_lv = new LoadVars();

send_lv.xmlData = items;

send_lv.sendAndLoad(“http://www.yourdomain.com/yourpage/Checkout.aspx”, reply_lv, “POST”);

reply_lv.onLoad = function(Sucess){







Alert.show(“Sorry! Failed to send your order this time. Please try again.”);