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Infusionsoft for Email Marketing, User Management, Shopping Cart & Affiliate Program

These days I am playing around with a nice tool – “Infusionsoft“, so thought of sharing with all of you.


Infusionsoft is a Customer Relationship Management tool that offers various Email Marketing techniques along with Prospect/User Data Management, also Shopping Cart and Affiliate/Referral Program Tool for your business. It is a web-powered software program that puts your marketing, sales, and customer management processes on autopilot. Easy to use and powerful enough to help you grow your business fast.

Features of  Infusionsoft

  • Email Marketing: Lets you expand the range of traditional email marketing, and combine it with a contact manager to tell you know EVERYTHING about your customers and prospects. With that kind of insight, you can easily deliver perfectly tailored messages at each step of the buying process. Allows you to setup automatic follow up emails. Features various useful email templates.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Allows you to store all your leads, prospects, and customers in a single, centralized database. Track every time someone opens an email, clicks a link, or takes any other action. Use that intel to create a targeted list for your next campaign so you’re better prepared to close the deal.
  • Shopping Cart: Offers you to sell your products and services online and let your customers checkout with our shopping cart. You can either host your store with our built in web store or you can easily integrate your own web store to work with our check out process.
  • Affiliate/Referral Program:Let other people sell stuff for you.Allows you to track who is referring leads and sales and how much commissions they have earned. You can create multiple tiers of commissions and make a lot of money.

All this features, ease of use and integration makes Infusionsoft a powerful multipurpose tool for you business. Its offers a short period trial package, so no need to immediately shoot your guns out at it, enjoy the trial package first.