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Asp.Net User Control and Telerik ToolTip

Hi friends,

Another great day has ended let me share a new thing I learnt today. I have been using a lot of Telerik Asp.Net Ajax Controls these days and I must say they really help achieving complex goals by making your work simple. Telerik Asp.Net Ajax Controls is a set of useful controls like RadGrid, RadListview, RadAjaxPanel, RadProxyManager, Rad ToolTip Manaager and many more.

In this post I will share a solution to a problem which most of the user face when using Asp.Net UserControl with Telerik ToolTip.

The Telerik Tooltip control can display rich content like text, images and even standard ASP.NET and user controls. The built-in ASP.NET AJAX mechanism allows loads content after the user hovers with the mouse over the trigger element. It allows you to easily add tooltips to a single or groups of elements, or all elements on the page at once. You can configure the way the ToolTip is displayed –side, offset, and relative to the mouse or to a triggering element. Telerik ToolTip control provides several types of animations – Fade, Resize, slide, fade in to show hide the tooltip.

But a general problem faced by Telerik Tooltip users is rebinding the usercontrol data when using tooltip control for more then one item without making a page refresh because at time it seems Telerik Tooltip cache the data but this is not the case.

To correctly configure a Telerik Tooltip you should fulfil the following basic criteria:

1) The new values in the user control’s content controls should always be set in the user control’s PreRender event.

If you are using the Telerik Tooltip inside any List control like Grid, ListView or Repeater, you should not that

1) The targets should always be added to the RadToolTipManager’s TargetControls collection in the list control’s OnItemDataBound event.

2) The TargetControls collection should be cleared when the list control is paged and sorted.

3) If you have ajaxified the list control, you should add the tooltip manager to the same settings – e.g put the tooltip manager in the same update panel or add it to the same ajax settings of ajax manager where the list control is added.

Please feel free to contact me isncase you face any problem 🙂