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Create Advanced List View in your Android Application

Hi All,

I have been doing some interesting work on android for the past few days, I am creating a “Take Away” application that can be used by Restaurants / Eating Houses to receive order from customer by their android phones.

Though I now know how to use most of the controls available in the Android SDK it was a little difficult for me to do some advance work with ListView control. I wanted to show a list of available dishes to the application users in a list view and the user could click on a button to add item to their order list and when they have added the item in their order list I wanted to show the quantity they need for each item and also an option to remove items from ordered list.

Advanced List View for Android Application

I have used the List View control in my earlier android development projects but did not do anything like this so I was confused on how to achieve this. I started thinking this as a complex thing to achieve so as always did some R&D on Google but found no direct solution.

I have used List/Repeater controls in development as well, so I had it on my mind that I will need to do some kind of event binding to child controls of each list item in the List View in my list adapter class but to my amazement the solution for this was far more simple.

The solution was just to write the method name on the android:onClick attribute of my image button controls and define the method in the Activity class, that is it! 🙂

The method receives the control View as parameter and you can perform the business logic in the method

Hope sharing this experience of my will save some time for someone 🙂


Parse – backend utility for mobile apps (Android, iOS & Web)

Hi Reader,

A month back someone told me about Parse – a very good tool to manage backend functionality for mobile apps. I am not very old with developing mobile app and did not want to get stuck with problems that arises when handling back-end activities in a native way for my android apps as this is just the beginning for me, so I thought to give #Parse a try and I liked it. Though I faced a few problems, sharing my thought below

Positives about Parse:
a) Available for both iOS & Android
b) Simple and Easy to use
c) Covers most of what you may need for back-end functionality in you app
d) Supports data handling in background threads, so better performance for your app
e) Has REST API so you can Sync/share data between web & mobile version of your app
f) Allows Facebook & Twitter integration

Negative about Parse
a) New product & Support not satisfactory
b) No proper libraries available for web integration
c) Limitations with Geopoint queries

But my overall experience was good and I like the product, so I would recommend it for new mobile app developers.

I have done some advance work using #Parse on my android and web apps so in case you face any issues feel free to contact me, I would surely try to help you

Ankit 🙂