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Creating Responsive Websites – The Easy Way

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Needless to say HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript (JQuery) have opened so many doors for us, there was a time when HTML was facing tough competition from Flash, Silverlight etc but with the latest features in CSS3 & Javascript we can do almost everything that we earlier used to do using Flash

HTML5 & CSS3 (using Media Queries) have given us a whole new arena – creating Responsive website, that fits the screens of devices with different width & height and yet give best view of the website to a visitor. Responsive websites are now giving tough competition to native mobile applications.

With competition growing up in the market for smartphones, every company is launching something new with their latest gadgets and general sellers/service provider have to keep their native application updated to meet up requirement of these latest devices which in turn raises their cost – in most cases Responsive websites are the best solution for it.

The most important part for developing a responsive website is CSS3 (Media Queries) – don’t worry you need not have to take the pain of learning this from scratch as their are already so many frameworks available that you can use to create you responsive website.

Some on them are Amazium, Skeleton, Less but the one I like the most is Bootstrap fromTwitter, its so easy to use and give fast results. I have now developed few websites using the Bootstrap framework and I love it 🙂

Do take out some time to check it and share your view

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