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Parse – backend utility for mobile apps (Android, iOS & Web)

Hi Reader,

A month back someone told me about Parse – a very good tool to manage backend functionality for mobile apps. I am not very old with developing mobile app and did not want to get stuck with problems that arises when handling back-end activities in a native way for my android apps as this is just the beginning for me, so I thought to give #Parse a try and I liked it. Though I faced a few problems, sharing my thought below

Positives about Parse:
a) Available for both iOS & Android
b) Simple and Easy to use
c) Covers most of what you may need for back-end functionality in you app
d) Supports data handling in background threads, so better performance for your app
e) Has REST API so you can Sync/share data between web & mobile version of your app
f) Allows Facebook & Twitter integration

Negative about Parse
a) New product & Support not satisfactory
b) No proper libraries available for web integration
c) Limitations with Geopoint queries

But my overall experience was good and I like the product, so I would recommend it for new mobile app developers.

I have done some advance work using #Parse on my android and web apps so in case you face any issues feel free to contact me, I would surely try to help you

Ankit 🙂