Gantt Chart with Google Charts

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Graphs & Charts are used to illustrate many types of data and are not limited to the simpler types such as line, bar, and circle. They help to make facts clearer and more understandable. Beautiful Graphs and Charts always adds to any report or analysis.

One such chart is Gantt Chart, Gantt chart is a specialized bar chart used to provide a graphical overview and schedule of tasks. It helps in analysis of planed goals and actuals results. This is a chart with rectangular bars.

In one of my project I was required to create a graphical report to compare forecasted and actual Milestone data. So I felt Gantt Chart is the best way to display the comparison. After some research on google I found an easy way of creating Gantt Chart using Google Charts API.

Here is a sample code for it

<img src=”
&chtt=My Gnatt Chart
&chdlp=b” />

My Gantt Chart

For any queries, confusion or R&D you can consult Google Chart API Documentation or you can also post your queries here.

Hope this post helps you, thanks for reading 🙂

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